Portrait of an old man at al-hazra al-qaderia in Baghdad ,2017
Portrait of a homeless at al-hazra al-qaderia in Baghdad ,2017
Portrait of Abu Hassan a 55 Iraqi southern farmer based in al-mussayib, small city locate south of Baghdad .2017
The tailer in Souq Al-Maydan next to Al Rasheed St. in Baghdad. 2017
"Kaddrrah Abdullah" a 55 years old Iraqi widow, she lost her husband in the sectarian violence in Iraq back in 2006. Khaddrrah lives in a slums area with her only son, she collects rubbish and weeds from the streets to sell it to make her living with her son. Khaddrrah had an accident after the U.S intervention of Iraq in 2003, the accident caused a total damage to her right eye, now she use a plastic eye to cover her injured eyehole,2017
Marsh Arab young boy southren Iraq. 2018
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