An Iraqi soldier monitor a checkpoint west of Baghdad 2017
The Blloons seller- a young boy sells inflated Helium Balloons in the streets of Hayy Al-Mansour -Baghdad 2017

Iraqi men ride a motorcycle passing Al-Khilani Mosque in Baghdad Iraq.The Al-Khilani Mosque has been a subject of an explosion in 2007 when a truck bomb exploded in front of the mosque . At least 78 people were killed and another 218 injured in the blast. 2017
A man walks inside the old Souk of cloths at Al-Midan in Baghdad Iraq. 2017

A look inside the heart of old Baghdad “Al-torah” neighborhood which used to be back in 1950s a landmark for the jewish community in Baghdad  2017
Al-Ghazal Pet Market (Souk al-ghazal) one of the oldest traditional markets in Baghdad ,opens only on Fridays . 2017
A group of pigeons are gathering outside bird coop in Mussayeb 60 Kms south of Bghdad ,2017
An old house belongs to a Jewish family back in 1930s.s. Baghdad ,2017
The picture showing an old building belongs to  the Jewish community back in the 1950s at Al-Rasheed Street in Baghdad ,2017
Al-Rasheed St. Baghdad ,2017
Al-Ahmadiya Mosque is situated in al-Rusafah neighborhood, in East Baghdad. It is locally known as Jami al-Maydan for it is near Maydan Square that was once the city center. The building was started in 1780 by Ahmad Pasha, the Ottoman governor of Baghdad, and was finished after his death by his brother Abdallah Bey in 1796. It relied economically on waqfs or endowments from the nearby bazaar. It is considered one of the best preserved mosques in Baghdad and consequently was recently restored by the General Directorate of Antiquities without Baghdad ,2017
A young boy works at his dad's shop fixing rubber tires for porters. Old Baghdad ,2017
Two litte girls playing in a narrow alley of Al-torah neighborhood in Baghdad .2017
A group of young boys playing iraqi traditional game daabul in Baghdad. 2018
An old man chiling in a traditional coffee shop in Baghdad. 2018
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