About 190 KM southeast of Baghdad, a major oil field with the name of Al-Ahdab is located. Around the oil field, there are several villages and local communities living in that area. Not just oil comes out from that oil field, also toxic fumes and smokes. The locals of the area suffered severely due to those fumes and smokes. Many of their newborn babies were deformed, additionally, many of them are suffering from
respiratory diseases and cancers. When the locals asked for help from their local regional government, their demands were ignored. The government did not even provide them with any health care. In one occasion, a father brought his son to a hospital and he was told: “let your son die, it is better and cheaper for you!”
Abu Ali (49 years old) holding his deformed 18 months old child and his two other ill sons near him in their village near Al-Ahdab oil filed. Mar 2018
A six years old victim of the pollution caused by the nearby oil field.
Mar 2018
A toddler deformed at birth in one of the communities close to the oil filed.
Mar 2018

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